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18.09.2023 Von: Mantra Kumar

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50% more capacity for non-food products

In Garancières-en-Beauce, les Mousquetaires' non-food logistics business operates two hubs, Garancières I and Garancières II, which employ nearly 400 people.


To keep pace with growing demand, the company began to build a 24,000 sqm extension of Garancières II in 2022, bringing the total storage area to 72,000 sqm.


Inaugurated on 12 September 2023, the new building was built to high environmental quality (HEQ) standards. 3,110 sqm of photovoltaic panels were installed, producing more than 654 MWh.


The extension from 48,000 to 72,000 sqm of covered area increases storage capacity by 50%, and the upgrade provides an optimal working environment for its employees, the company said. (mk)




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