• Photo: Dresden Transport Museum


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60 years since maiden flight of first German passenger jet

The 152, Germany’s first jet airliner, made its maiden flight on 4 December 1958. The 31 m long aircraft with a 27 m wing span was developed at the VEB Flugzeugwerke Dresden under Junkers’ erstwhile engineer Brunolf Baade (1904-1969), who worked on the development of the Soviet Union’s 150 jet bomber from 1948 on.


The Baade 152 was based on that military aircraft that had its cargo hold in the rear of the plane. The crash of a 152 prototype in March 1959, plus the technical advances of foreign competitors and supply problems ended the 152 programme, and all units under construction were scrapped in 1961. The only surviving hull is on show at Dresden airport. (ah)




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