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A new tool for checking up on global ports

The International Association of Ports and Harbours (Iaph) has developed a new source of information. The first edition of its quarterly dashboard and detailed report on the global port industry for its members is now available.


For this publication, Iaph sources data from ninety-six ports it eight regions of the world, recording all cargo types being handled at world ports and also incorporating global trends in cruise and passenger vessel activities.


The report also delves into hinterland connectivity, warehouse utilisation and regional analyses of the data collected from small and large seaports and river ports alike. It obtains forecasts from respondents on how they see vessel calls, cargo and passenger volumes in the upcoming twelve months.


Iaph managing director Patrick Verhoeven commented that the current situation in supply chain disruption “fully justifies our efforts to establish continuity with this world ports tracker in order to keep our membership informed on the current situation as seen by ports and how they see the months ahead. We call upon members to respond to join those 96 ports receiving the full report by responding to the next survey in mid-October.” The co-authors are Professor Theo Notteboom and Professor Thanos Pallis. (cd)




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