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ACS pushing ahead with OBC

Air Charter Service’s on-board courier team in Germany has moved into its own office next to Frankfurt airport. The move came three years after the company announced the revamping of its OBC division. Oliver Weigelt, ACS’s manager for time-critical activities, pointed out that “in 2017 our contract numbers grew by more than 50% over the previous year, coming to almost 1,700 jobs. We've maintained strong growth in 2018 too. Our new dedicated OBC office gives us the space to double the size of our OBC team.”

The company declared that it is a worldwide service provider with a 24/7/365 presence. ACS now has more than 600 representatives worldwide. Justin Lancaster, ACS’s group commercial director, added that "our employees hold more than 40 different visas, which means that we can have someone on an aircraft in hours to almost anywhere in the world.” (cd)


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