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Aeroterm to deepen Fedex footprint in Miami

Miami-Dade County in Florida has agreed that Aeroterm, one of the three main divisions of the US real estate operator Realterm, can expand its air cargo facility at Miami international airport (MIA). Aeroterm holds a ground lease at MIA and leases the facility to Fedex Express.


The existing Aeroterm Fedex facility was completed in 2004 with a 25-year lease on 94,700 sqm. Under the new agreement with Miami-Dade, Aeroterm can extend the ground lease to 2050 and expand its leased premises by 24,300 sqm of additional land on which it will construct the building expansion.


Alexi Lachambre, Aeroterm's VP of development: "Miami is a top gateway airport and key entry point for perishables and other high-value goods from South America. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Fedex and MIA." (ah)




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