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Agility invests in green supply chain technologies

Agility has so far invested USD 18 million in green supply chain technologies through its corporate venture arm Agility Ventures. The company is pursuing an ambitious environmental strategy. By 2025, it plans to cut its emissions by 25% from 2016 levels.


To reach that goal, Agility is implementing renewable energy pilots in large facilities across the world and building to green standards as it adds over 300,000 sqm of facilities to its portfolio of warehousing and light industrial facilities across the Middle East and Africa. Green technology start-ups benefitting from the USD 18 million investments include Hyliion and TVP Solar.


Hyliion is a hybrid technology trucking industry that reduces fuel consumption and corresponding emissions by 30%. It achieves this by recycling kinetic energy from braking from operations that would otherwise be wasted.


Agility chairwoman Henadi Al-Saleh said: “Green technology is a major focus of our investment strategy, and we’re always on the lookout for dynamic new businesses that can revolutionise the supply chain to help protect the planet." (mw)




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