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A.Hartrodt takes the southern route

As an option to avoid delays and capacity bottlenecks in the major European Northern range seaports, freight forwarder A. Hartrodt italiana is now offering a "multi destination consolidation" service between Shanghai and Genoa, targeting importers in southern Germany, Switzerland, France and the Mediterranean region in particular. Transit times from Shanghai to Genoa are much shorter than to Northern European ports.


The service departs from Ningbo or Shanghai and arrives in Genoa within 30 days. A. Hartrodt italiana, which handles deconsolidation as well as customs clearance, has set up an authorised customs location near the port specifically for this purpose.


"Even for France, Switzerland and southern Germany, transit times are so short that they still offer a significant time advantage - especially given the current waiting times in western ports," says Maurizio Fasce, regional director of A.Hardtrodt's Mediterranean & Southern Africa headquarters. The new service cannot transport hazardous goods or temperature-controlled goods.


The freight forwarder's Italian branch was founded in 1959 and serves the Mediterranean region including North Africa with its locations in Genoa, Milan and Cagliari. (sh)




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