• CEO Thomas Knecht (left) and CCO Jost Hellmann. Photo: Hellmann


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Air and overland transport enhance 2017 result

The Hellmann Group ended its 2017 business year with pre-tax earnings of EUR 22.2 million, 37% more year-on-year. The Osnabruck (Germany)-based logistics service provider also succeeded in boosting its overall turnover by 7% to EUR 3.2 billion.


The favourable figures were due in part to substantial volumes increases in the company’s product divisions. Global airfreight and overland transport shipments rose by 11.6% and 3.5% respectively in 2017.


Hellmann conveyed more than 557,000 t of airfreight and almost 17 million shipments overland in the year under review; the tonnage represents a significant increase in the group’s core business sectors.


The contract logistics division also developed positively by generating approximately 8% more gross profit. (mw)




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