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Alaska Airlines cuts cargo prices and launches new service

After having restructured its product prices and services in the state of Alaska (USA) in 2018, Alaska Air Cargo has now launched a similar programme in the continental US states and Hawaii, with the effect that prices are decreasing by an average 13%.


Most weight breaks have been removed, the rate structure has been simplified, and the company is offering general cargo rates from the Hawaiian Islands. The above changes apply to rates for general, priority, seafood and perishable cargo.


Alaska Airlines, which is headquartered in Seattle (WA), celebrated a historic moment for western Washington last week with the first commercial flights at Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport (PAE) in Everett (WA). Located 40 km north of Seattle, Paine Field is the primary assembly location for Boeing's wide-body 747, 767, 777, and some 787 aircraft. (ah)




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