• Managing director Christian Faggin. Photo: Alpensped


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Alpensped to erase carbon footprint

Alpensped provides transport services in 20 European countries. Last year, the services accounted for 99.77% of the logistics company’s corporate carbon footprint (CCF) that equated to 17,527 t CO2e.


Managing director Christian Faggin observed: “Despite expanding enormously since the publication of our first sustainability report in 2011, and more than doubling the number of shipments to nearly 65,000, we succeeded in reducing our CCF by over 2% and the specific transport carbon footprint (kg CO2e per shipment) by almost 50%.”


However, that is still not enough for the Mannheim (Germany)-based family-owned enterprise. It wants to work in a 100% climate-neutral manner by 2025.


Faggin underscored: “We are lightening our CCF by deploying new generation HGVs, driver training, bundling shipments and shifting transport services, among other activities.”


Alpensped also compensates for its CO2 emissions by promoting a myclimate project in Tanzania. Last year, the service provider compensated for 1,250 t of CO2, almost 7.13% of its entire CCF. (mw)




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