• Photo: DoT (USA)


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Anthony Foxx sworn in as US secretary of transportation

Anthony Foxx, the former Mayor of Charlotte NC (USA) has been sworn in as the nation’s 17th secretary of transportation by Judge Nathaniel Jones in a private ceremony at the US Department of Transportation (DoT) headquarters. Foxx was unanimously voted into office by the full US Senate on June 27. The ceremony was attended by Foxx’s wife Samara and their two children, and a Bible belonging to Secretary Foxx’s great-grandparents was used for the swearing in ceremony. Secretary Foxx worked for Judge Jones as a law clerk for the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals after law school, and he invited the judge to administer the oath of office. Secretary Foxx spent his first full day holding meetings on important issues that face the DoT. They include transportation safety, as well as hurricane and severe weather preparedness.



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