• Photo: Niedersachsen Ports


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Assisted parking in Cuxhaven

"Smartkai" proved its efficiency last week during a mooring manoeuvre of the ro-ro ferry “Selandia Seaways” at the Europakai in Cuxhaven.


Sensitive sensors attached to the quay wall and line deflectors scan the surroundings there as well as every movement of the ship. In real time, the assistance system can deliver this data to the ships’ crews, who can react and navigate accordingly.


Sick, a Germany-based manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Humatects and Niedersachsen Ports are all partners in the project. In the next step, the project team will evaluate how the system can be used in regular operations. The focus here is on keeping costs as low as possible to open the system to as many users as possible. (lh)




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