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BDP International becomes ACC affiliate member

The board of directors of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) has named the global logistics service provider BDP International (BDP) as an affiliate member. BDP has been involved with the organization since 2002 when it became a partner in the ACC responsible care programme, the chemical industry’s global health, safety and environmental performance initiative. In April this year, BDP was re-accredited to the ACC’s responsible care management system, following an audit of the service provider's chemical operations under the UK-based Chemical Distribution Institute’s international marine packed cargo audit scheme. The audit covered a wide range of policies and practices with specific performance goals, including qualification of contractors and vendors, risk analysis of business processes, and top-down organizational ownership of safe, secure movement of hazardous materials. BDP manages logistics for nearly 100 chemical clients, including nine of the world’s top 10 producers. It is one of more than 90 responsible care signatories engaged in the use, transportation, distribution, storage, treatment and disposal of chemicals.



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