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Big investments for the future growth

UPS has tabled its full-year 2017 consolidated results. Total revenue increased by 8.2% to USD 65.9 billion, driven by shipment growth and yield expansion. The US company made capital expenditures of USD 5.2 billion and paid dividends of USD 2.9 billion in 2017, 6.4% more per share vis-a-vis 2016.


Richard Peretz, UPS CFO, said: "Our growth opportunities are accelerating. The strong economic outlook and my company's high return on invested capital generates a unique opportunity to create additional long-term value by increasing capital investments."


The UPS guidance includes benefits stemming from the US tax reform that will increase net income and cash flow. The company plans to spend USD 6.5 billion - USD 7 billion in 2018, mostly on new technology, aircraft and automated capacity. (mw)





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