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BMJ Logistics reacts to Russia’s new import rules

Russia is augmenting its labelling regulations for imported goods to protect markets from parallel and illegal imports. The new ruling, which applies to tobacco products, shoes, perfume, blouses, coats, jackets, bed linen, photo cameras, tyres, milk, beer, bathroom and kitchen textiles, should reduce the amount of counterfeit products in the county.


BMJ Logistics has reacted to the move by establishing an advisory service for customers who export goods to Russia. Since June 2018, the service provider has been part of a pilot project that tests shoe product labelling with 2D data matrix codes. All product information is transmitted electronically and the code is then attached to the product packaging.


BMJ Logistics, a recognised Russian import and export specialist, is in charge of the entire project and provides support for existing and new customers when they implement the new guidelines and labelling regulations. (mw)




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