• Representatives of Bolloré, J2, Groupe Robert and Canadian politicians.


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Bolloré Logistics teams up with J2 and Groupe Robert

Bolloré Logistics Canada has signed an agreement to form a consortium with J2 Procurement Management and Groupe Robert, which provides cargo handling, transport and warehousing services.


The partnership between Bolloré and the companies specialising in the aeronautics and aerospace sector aims to assist subcontractors seeking to enter the Canadian market by providing them with customised logistics support. The consortium will also take on assignments relating to the assembly of aircraft from major customers in the aeronautics industry.


J2 will be tasked with optimising communication and order tracking with suppliers, from initial contact to the final production line. Groupe Robert will be responsible for inventory management, warehousing and delivery of parts to assembly or storage sites as required. Bolloré will supervise the management of order flows, international transport, deliveries and customs clearance. (mw)




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