• Containers and liquids down, bulk up in Q1/2020.


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Booming bulk sector at Haropa's ports

During the first quarter of 2020, Haropa's port coalition (Le-Havre-Rouen-Paris) moved volumes of 20.38 million t until the end of March, down 12.8% compared to 2019. While the ports remain 100% operational, these results show the first impacts of the global slowdown, but also a silver lining on the horizon.


The containers and bulk liquid sectors are hit, but record grain exports currently boost the solid bulk sector. Container traffic stood at 530,000 boxes in Q1/2020, down 23%. Inland container traffic on the Seine axis fell by 13.5% at the end of March.


The temporary limitation of refining capacity affects the liquid bulk sector, down 16% to 10.48 million t. Record grain exports boost the solid bulk sector, up 18% to 4.26 million t. The 2019-2020 cereal season was excellent with 7.2 million t loaded at the end of March, an increase of +24% compared to the latest campaign. (mw)




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