• Photo: Port of Rotterdam / Danny Cornelissen


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Brexit not affecting Rotterdam

In Q3/2021 the port of Rotterdam saw the container volumes return to pre-Covid levels. Total freight throughput in the Dutch port rose to 118.5 million t, 14.6% more than in the same period last year. Throughput in the first nine months of this year amounted to 350.1 million t, an increase of 8.6% over 2020.


Mineral oil products (+13.5%), iron ore and scrap metal (+42%), coal (+48%) and biomass (+19%) rose, agribulk (–13%) and LNG (–1.8%) were down. Containers are also still on the rise (+4% in t, +7.8% in TEU).


The negative impact of Brexit was apparent only in the early months of the year, due to high stock levels. According to the port authority “demand from the UK was high in Q2 and Q3/2021, and volumes were again above pre-Brexit and pre-Covid levels.” (sh)


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