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China Logistics invests at Jade Weser Port

The state-owned logistics company China Logistics has signed a building rights agreement for an area spanning 200,000 sqm in the cargo handling centre (GVZ) of the Weser Port Wilhelmshaven (Germany).


The company intends to set up the “China Logistics-Wilhelmshaven Hub”, which will feature a 40,000 sqm hall area and 110,000 sqm uncovered warehousing area for the handling of Chinese goods, by 2021. Another 20,000 sqm hall is planned for a second construction phase.


Overall, around EUR 100 million will be invested in the project. The construction of the logistics centre including rail access, hall and preparation of the uncovered area is expected to take about nine months.


Building is scheduled to start in winter 2020/21 so that the hub should come on stream in 2021. China Logistics aims to contract a German or European company to run the logistics centre. (mw)



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