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Collapsible AAX containers now unfolded

VRR’s 'AAX Collapsible' units, introduced six months ago, will be used by a large company on a specific trade route. It will become the first firm to deploy this innovative loading device in a commercial setting.


It has the same shape, capacity, and durability as the standard AAX unit, but it can be folded and stacked up to four high for repositioning by airplane, supporting the placement of additional consignments on top and allowing maximum use of cargo space.


Once they are empty the client will fold and stack the containers four high on the aeroplane's lower deck for the return flight.


Ben Lakerveld, VRR sales and marketing manager, said that "the AAX and the 'AAY Collapsible' units have been developed to solve specific ULD operational challenges, so our customer’s data will show how our designs perform out there in the real world." (ah)




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