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Colombia: first commercial flight with new biofuel

Lan Colombia, a member of the Latam Airlines Group, aided by the Colombian oil and gas company Terpel, set a milestone in the country's and region's commercial aviation history by carrying out the first flight in Colombia using second generation biofuel. The aircraft used for the flight was an Airbus A320, which flew between the Colombian cities of Bogota and Cali. The fuel came from a plant called camelina, and it meets the strictest technical standards required to fly.

Lan pioneered this type of flight in South America when it flew between the cities of Santiago and Concepcion (Chile) on 7 March 2012. With Terpel’s help, Lan has now become the first carrier to carry out this type of flight in Colombia - a country privileged when it comes to producing biofuels due to its favourable climate, availability of land for crops and geographic location. In addition, it has a regulatory framework that stimulates biofuel production and trade.



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