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Cooled and frozen in the desert

Emirates SkyCargo moved over 150,000 t of perishables and 27,000 t of pharmaceuticals through Dubai between the beginning of April and mid-August 2019. Since 2017, there has been an increase of 7% in the volume of pharma cargo transported during the summer months and an increase of 14% in the overall volume of pharmaceuticals transported throughout the year. This summer season alone, over 190,000 kg of pharma travelled every day through Dubai on Emirates SkyCargo.


Meanwhile it seems that the funds for the expansion of the second airport Dubai World Central, which was opened in 2010, have been frozen. The project was intended to be completed by 2030.


According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson of the airport said that long-term planning is currently under review. This setback is said to be caused by the current economic slowdown in the emirate. (ah)





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