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Differing fates for first A380s and 4 Kuwaiti widebodies

After Singapore Airlines, the previous lessee of the world's first operating A380, decided not to extend the leasing contracts after the end of the basic ten year term, the Dr. Peters Group held negotiations with various airlines such as British Airways, Hi Fly and Iran Air. The group finally decided to sell the aircraft components and will recommend this approach to its investors.


Kuwait Airways, which has teamed up with Skytech-AICA, intends to sell several aircraft. The UK aircraft management specialist will dispose of four A340-300s, which have been grounded for around a year, while one B747-400, a combi version with a cargo door, is still in occasional service.


With the current resurgence in the cargo market, the Gulf airline hopes that these widebody aircraft will find new customers. (ah)




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