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EFDI to spread "Ezycargo" in India

Global Logistics System (HK) has appointed Electronic Freight Data Interchange (EFDI) to distribute and support "Ezycargo" in India. The New Delhi-based company will provide sales and marketing functions to promote the cargo community platform subscriptions - currently close to 1,000 in India - to connect freight forwarders with multiple airlines for digital cargo data exchange.


A local service desk will be setup to provide sales and support services in the market. EFDI will also support certain local administration tasks on behalf of GLS Hong Kong.


"Ezycargo", a cloud based application and the leading product in the GLS (HK) portfolio, enables forwarders to carry out e-bookings, e-AWB data exchange and the track and trace of consignment status over the internet or via host-to-host connections. (ah)


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