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ERS Railways picks Mathias Leiner

Mathias Leiner, who joined ERS Railways as vice CEO in October 2022, has now been promoted to CEO, replacing Bernd Decker at the helm. Leiner brings an in-depth experience of the railfreight industry with a special focus on combined transport.


Decker, who has played a key role in building up ERS Railways and shaping its development since its foundation, is retiring but will continue to support the company in the sales division during a transitional phase.


Leiner holds a degree in business administration and has worked in the transport and logistics sector on an executive level for 15 years. His task will be to drive forward the company’s future development in partnership with an experienced team. The focus will be on digitalisation and strengthening process quality, as well as expanding the network with the partners of the Box Xpress portfolio. (cj)




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