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Ethiopian complements freighter fleet with B737

Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, a division of the Ethiopian Airlines Group, has agreed to lease the first two Boeing B737-800 freighters converted by Aeronautical Engineers from Gecas. The first delivery is expected in June, followed by a second in January 2019.


Tewolde Gebremariam, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO: "The aircraft will be a great complement to our existing fleet of B777 (6) and B757 (2) freighters. In line with our Vision 2025 Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics strategic roadmap, we are expanding our network to support trade within Africa and with the rest of the world by facilitating the export of perishables and the import of high value goods."


Gecas has been working with AEI on this programme since 2015. The B737-800SF has a main deck payload of up to 23.6 t. (ah)


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