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Expanded intermodal services to/from Italy

Italy-based Contship has extended its Rail Hub Milano service to several locations across Europe. In July, Hannibal, Contship's multimodal transport operator, launched a second rail link to Niederglatt, near Zurich, that complements the existing daily link to Frenkendorf, near Basel (both Switzerland).


That was followed by a new, thrice weekly rail connection between Melzo and the Riem terminal in Munich (Germany) in September. It is managed by Kombiverkehr and MII.


In addition, a new daily rail service was established for a third-party operator between Melzo and Amsterdam in October.


More rail links are expected to be finalised in coming weeks. They will expand the rail network from Melzo, and cater for the continental cargo flow between France, Italy and even China. (ben)




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