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First board member based outside the USA

The Boeing Company’s board of directors has nominated Sabrina Soussan to be elected as a new director at the company’s upcoming AGM.


Soussan currently serves as chair and CEO of Suez, a Paris-based global utility company specialising in water and waste management with a focus on sustainability. Over a more than a 20-year career at Siemens AG, she held multiple leadership positions. Prior to joining Suez, she was CEO of Swiss Dormakaba, a global leader in access and security solutions.


Soussan, who is German and French, earned a master’s degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from the École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique and a master’s degree in business administration from I.A.E. Poitiers and the University of Dublin, Ireland. If elected Soussan, who is based in France, will become Boeing’s first board member based outside the United States of America. (cj)


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