• Photo: Alfred Escher foundation


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First member of Switzerland’s logistics hall of fame

At the first election of the current year, the Logistics Switzerland Foundation and the nominating committee decided to add two members to the country’s logistics hall of fame. The first is Alfred Escher (1819 - 1882), who has been honoured posthumously.


Escher, who was nicknamed “the railway king”, is still known today for his promotion of Switzerland’s northeastern and Gotthard railways (SBB). He probably left a more permanent stamp on the country’s traffic, transport and logistics landscape than any other person. As the founder of Zurich’s polytechnic (ETH), the Credit Suisse bank and the insurance and pension company Swiss Life, Escher is also renowned for helping to mould Switzerland into a modern country during the early decades.


A eulogy and the instalment of Escher in the hall of fame will take place in the presence of numerous VIPs at a ceremony in the campus hall at the University of Applied Sciences northwestern Switzerland in Brugg on 16 April. Until that date, the identity of the second member who is to be elected by a 32 member expert jury will remain secret. His or her inclusion in the logistics hall of fame will take place immediately after the eulogy for Escher.




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