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Artikel Nummer: 22016

Flying fish boosts Oslo airport's cargo business

In 2017, 185,000 t of air cargo were flown in or out of Oslo airport, a 35% increase compared to 2016. "The biggest airfreight volumes at Oslo airport stem from fresh Norwegian seafood, which is exported to global markets" said Martin Langaas, Avinor’s air cargo director. A new air cargo facility to be operational by 2020, will maximize the potential of seafood in aircraft bellies.


The import of e-commerce freight carried by airlines such as TNT, Fedex, DHL and UPS increased by 25% in 2017. 58% of all air cargo from Oslo airport was transported on dedicated cargo planes. The amount of cargo flown on intercontinental passenger routes to Asia, Africa and the USA grew by 52% in the year under review. (ah)


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