• The new deputy of the Port du Havre, Haropa Ports.


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Fresh blood for Haropa Ports

Kris Danaradjou is to become deputy general manager of Haropa - Port du Havre. At a meeting on 26 June, the supervisory board of the Port of Le Havre elected him to the management board. He will assume his position upon his arrival on 15 July.


Currently director of the port of Gennevilliers, the biggest port of the Ile-de-France, Danaradjou joined Haropa-Ports of Paris in 2014 as assistant to the direction of planning.


The Port of Gennevilliers is a multimodal platform in Ile-de-France which covers 4,000,000 sqm and manages 20 million t of goods per year.


Danaradjou previously worked as a project manager in public works in various public establishments including La Maison de Radio France and the Louvre Museum, after having started his career at the ministry of equipment and transport. (mw)




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