• CEO Edvardas Liachovičius. Photo: Girteka


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Girteka plans new headquarters

Girteka Logistics’ annual report for 2018 shows another remarkable year. The organic growth of the company achieved a 37% increase in sales revenue, amounting to EUR 764 million. Last year saw 4,000 new staff join the company, with IT expertise alone tripling in numbers. At present, the company is 15,000 employees strong.


Girteka Logistics opened a new transport unit in Poznan (Poland), thus extending its expansion in Europe. This was another step towards achieving the goals of augmenting Girteka's business from 6,000 to 10,000 trucks and from 12,000 to 20,000 drivers by 2021.


There are plans to build a new headquarters complex close to Vilnius airport (Lithuania). This facility will be completed by 2021 and cover 160,000 sqm and  additional 26,000 sqm to include administrative premises, a truck service centre and a shopping and leisure centre. (mw)




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