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Globalisation continues undeterred

International flows of goods and capital have remained remarkably robust, despite the Covid 19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. After a slight decline in 2020, the combined DHL Global Connectedness Index returned to figures above pre-pandemic levels in 2021.


Currently available data points to a further increase in 2022 - despite slower growth in some flows. International trade in goods was 10% above pre-pandemic levels in mid-2022.


International travel in 2022 was still 37% below 2019 levels but has doubled compared to 2021. The DHL Global Connectedness Index shows a decoupling between USA and China in many areas. However, flows between USA and China remain significantly stronger than between any other pair of countries.


The report again found no evidence of a trend towards regionalisation. On the contrary, the average distance of international flows has continued to increase. The Netherlands remains the most globalised country, followed by Singapore and Belgium. (ben)




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