• Jürgen Greiwing (r.) welcomes Patrick Rien, the 700th employee. Photo: Greiwing


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Greiwing combats lack of trained staff

Business for the German company Greiwing, a specialist for silo logistics, developed positively in recent years. Proof of this comes from higher sales and a steady increase in staff numbers. The company’s headcount has now topped the 700 mark.


Managing director Jürgen Greiwing declared: “Over the last ten years, we consistently managed to increase all the corporate key figures or keep them in the targeted zones.” Moreover, this growth was purely organic.


The number of Greiwing employees has risen from around 500 in 2012 to the current 700, despite a dearth of trained staff in Germany. The company, which makes huge efforts to find trained personnel, still offers its own training courses. Greiwing currently has 45 trainees, and wants to offer permanent jobs to as many of those people as possible. (mw)




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