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Hactl: “ASK” to enhance import collections

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) – Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler – is opening twelve new automated service kiosks (ASKs) to speed up the collection of import cargo from its giant Super Terminal 1 facility.


Hactl is the first cargo terminal operator in Hong Kong to introduce such a system. Under the new system, the agent or consignee obtains the shipment release form (SRF) from the airline, but then visits one of the twelve ASKs. ID and SRF validity are checked, the details of the shipment collection are recorded, and the physical release of the cargo is then automatically triggered via Cosac-Plus.


If the cargo is unitised, the system displays a pick list from which the SRF bearer can select the pieces to be collected, in order of priority. All personal identifiable information collected by the system is encrypted to protect privacy and is purged after a set period. (cj)




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