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Homtrans co-founder bowing out

An era is coming to an end in Rostock (Germany): Gerold Claus (right), co-founder and long-serving managing director of Homtrans, is taking his well-earned retirement at the end of the year.


His company, a Rieck subsidiary, held a summer party to honour Claus on 2 September. Philipp Strenge (left), managing director of the Rieck Logistik group, praised Claus’s extensive professional work.


Claus, who celebrated his 68th birthday on 8 September, led the company that he co-founded on 6 March 1990 for 27 years.


Over the years, Homtrans evolved from one of the first joint ventures in the DDR into one of the most important logistic forces in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). (ah)




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