• Photo: Australian Border Force


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"Hot" air cargo in Alaska and Australia

The Fairbanks International Airport Police and Fire Department have seized a total of 222.8 l of alcohol, with an estimated street value of over USD 133,000 and 144 g of illegal drugs, destined for rural Alaskan communities in the last six months. These seizures of illegal items resulted in 32 criminal charges against 21 bootleggers.


According to a news report from Sydney, the Australian border guards have spoilt a drug smuggling ring’s chance of making big business at the end of the year. The attention of the police was caught by an air freight consignment coming from the USA and containing 768 bottles of chili sauce, but that was not all: a forensic analysis showed that about 400 kg of methylamphetamine, in other words „(crystal) meth“, could be extracted from this sauce, with a potential street value of EUR 185 million.

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