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Hupac now serving Europe’s NW-SE rail corridor

Given the increasing demand for intermodal solutions for shipping to/from Southeast Europe, the Swiss intermodal transport provider Hupac has introduced new shuttle trains from Antwerp (Belgium) to Curtici and Ploiesti (both Romania). The offer comprises two rotations per week.


The new shuttle departs Antwerp at 12.00 on Thursdays, arrives in Curtici at 06.00 on Mondays, and then Ploiesti at 06.00 on Wednesdays. On the return leg, the train leaves Curtici at 22.00 on Sundays and reaches Antwerp at 11.00 on Thursdays. Departures from Ploiesti are at 18.00 on Tuesdays, arrival in Antwerp is at 15.00 on the following Tuesdays. (ben)




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