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ICS2: first companies go live

Champ Cargosystems has launched a new service, ‘Traxon Global eCommerce’ (TGE), as an addition to Champ’s customs and security services. TGE is customised to address the requirements of cargo pre-load security filings and pre-arrival filings for e-commerce shipments under ICS2.


This latest phase of increased ICS2 regulations demands reporting at the house air waybill (HAWB) level, with the added complexity that each commodity must be reported separately.


This poses potential risks for the e-commerce industry if air carriers, freight forwarders, express courier service providers or postal operators do not ensure that they have the processes or technology in place to respond to these new requirements.


Companies like PTS Worldwide Express, an international freight forwarding business operating out of Turkey, and the German branch of Shenzhen-based logistics company Harvest International, have begun to use TGE in preparation for these changes. (cj)




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