• E. Buss and M. Bargl, IDS; mayor W. Glänzer; and building contractors H. and R. Räuber. Photo: IDS


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IDS Logistik enlarges hub

IDS Logistik is extending its central hub in Neuenstein (Germany). The enlarged facility will offer more than 8,200 sqm of usable floor space and 105 gates.


To carry out the project, IDS purchased 42,000 sqm of land, thus increasing its plot size to a total of 85,000 sqm. Building work began in October, completion is slated for spring 2019.


The general cargo alliance, which is investing EUR 6 million in the project, has been registering substantial increases in shipment volumes for years. Every night, 58 full time workers process around 5,400 load units weighing some 720 t.


To date, the staff only a cross-docking hall with 5,200 sqm of usable space and 82 gates. The extension will create an additional 3,000 sqm of floor space and 23 new gates, and enable IDS to handle 50 – 60% more shipments at its central hub. (mw)




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