• UPS and political representatives Jens Koch, Lars Nockermann, Pit Clausen and Frank Sportolari.


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Integrator opening new premises in Bielefeld

A new, EUR 80 million parcel sorting and delivery centre has been opened in Bielefeld (Germany) by UPS. Almost 40 new jobs have already been created at the new complex, which replaces an older one in Herford.


Frank Sportolari, president of UPS Germany, said: “We have registered strong growth in our export volumes in Europe and Germany, and made the investment in response.”


The Bielefeld platform has around 15,000 sqm of operating space and is equipped with UPS’s automated parcel sorting technology that is capable of processing in excess of 22,000 parcels per hour. The new building has 45 loading/unloading bays and more than 120 parking slots for delivery vehicles.


The Bielefeld centre is part of a USD 2 billion investment that UPS is ploughing into its European network and infrastructure up to 2019. The US integrator has completed around 40% of this investment programme that augments the capacity of its network. (mw)




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