• Photo: Sea Port of Manatee


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Investment in Manatee's infrastructure

The US department of transportation (DOT) has awarded a federal grant of about USD 12 million to enhance container yard facilities at the Florida-based Sea Port of Manatee on the Gulf Coast.


Thus, the port is to run one of the 26 projects for which a total of USD 1.5 billion in infrastructure for rebuilding America (Infra) funding was recently announced.


In Manatee, the project involves the construction of a 65,000 sqm wide cargo-handling space and a new container yard access road, as well as for the installation of electrical systems for two new mobile harbour cranes that arrived at the port in April this year.


The Infra money is being augmented by state and local funds. The bidding procedures started, the project will break ground in 2023 and be completed in 2025. (sh)




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