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Isago premiere in Pakistan

Gerry’s Dnata has obtained the Iata safety audit for ground operations (Isago) registration in Pakistan, and the Isago station accreditation at Karachi international airport (KHI), following the successful completion of audits.


The joint venture of Gerry's Group and Dnata, which was launched at KHI in 1993, and today serves eleven airline customers at seven Pakistani airports, is the country's first ground services provider to be awarded the prestigious safety certification. The JV handles 130,000 t of cargo per year.


"The achievement of the Isago registration demonstrates our commitment and ability to meet the highest industry standards," said Syed Haris Raza, vice-president of Gerry's Dnata (left, together with the company's head of safety, Badar Kareem). (ah)


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