• K Line plans to improve CO2 emission efficiency by 50% compared with 2008, which surpasses the 2030 target set by IMO (40%).


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K Line's revised 2050 vision

The Japan-based shipping company K Line has thoroughly revised its long-term guideline concerning environmental policy, the so-called “K Line environmental vision 2050 - blue seas for the future", which comprises initiatives of ecological preservation like the reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas).


This vision 2050 was first formulated in 2015. The liner said in a press release that it achieved most of the 2019 interim milestones including CO2 reduction and introduction of environmental flagship set in this vision. Yet, "dramatic changes in environment and its requirement from society/stakeholder" led to the decision to revise the vision.


The revised edition is based on the results of scenario analysis, recommended by TCFD, task force on climate-related financial disclosures. It rearranges the targets into two main factors, “decarbonisation”, aiming at the improvement of CO2 emission efficiency by 50% compared with 2008, and ”aim for zero environmental impact”, for which K Line will continue to research and develop best solutions including new technologies towards achieving the goal of GHG zero emission. (mw)




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