• Photo: Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary


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Latam Cargo carries big cats to South Africa

Melena and Tika, a male and a female lion aged 6 and 18 years respectively, were the first of five big cats transported by Latam Cargo from Santiago del Estero (Argentina) to Johannesburg (South Africa). The move is intended to protect the animals' lives and ensure their welfare in their new homes at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary and Drakenstein Lion Park.


The felines – two lions, one lioness and two tigresses – lived in a decommissioned zoo in Argentina, so local authorities arranged their rescue and obtained the permits required for their relocation.


Coordinated by Newport Cargo, the total journey, including land portions, lasted approximately 70 hours. For the journey by air, Latam put the animals onboard a freighter aircraft from Buenos Aires to São Paulo, where they were transferred to the belly of a passenger airliner. (ah)


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