• An onshore LNG supply station at Dunkerque. Photo: Port de Dunkerque.


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LNG supply chain supported by Dunkerque

The decision on the project is young, yet reactions are already pouring in. On 27 June Dunkirk's LNG Terminal and Dunkerque-Port signed an agreement for the development of an LNG station to supply tank trucks. The use of LNG by shipping has grown in recent months, with new projects, orders for ships, LNG supply stations and the like.
Now Dunkerque LNG and Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) have announced that they will supply LNG to the "Honfleur", the first French ferry running on LNG, which will ply its trade between Ouistreham and Portsmouth from 2019 onwards.
TMFGS, an entity in the Total Group in charge of marketing marine fuels, has joined forces with two other French companies to set up a supply chain for LNG provisioning, using ISO containers (movable storage tanks that comply with the specific standards for the transport of bulk liquids). Dunkerque-Port CEO Stéphane Raison welcomed the announcement. (kd)


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