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Lufthansa Cargo reports positive trends in 2018

In 2018 revenue in the logistics segment of the Lufthansa group rose by 7% to EUR 2.713 million, particularly due to a strong rise in yields. Total revenue increased by 7% to EUR 2.770 million. Capacity at Lufthansa Cargo (13.555 million ftk) increased by 5% in 2018. Belly capacities grew faster than freighter capacities. Sales (8.934 million ftk) were up by 1% as a result of higher capacities in the freighters.


Asia/Pacific and America remain the main traffic regions for Lufthansa Cargo. In the Asia/Pacific trade, capacity (5.512 million ftk, +8%) and net traffic revenue (EUR 1.107 million, +8%) expanded the most. The Americas performed best in sales (3.909 ftk, +2%). The new summer schedule extends frequencies on routes to and from Asia and North America.


ITJ 13-14/2019, out next Friday, will feature an exclusive interview with Peter Gerber, chairman of Lufthansa Cargo's executive board, recently held during Air Cargo Africa in Johannesburg. (ah)




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