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Lyte Aviation’s vision for a next-gen aircraft

The future face of regional aviation doesn’t have to be complex or look futuristic, says Freshta Farzam, founder and CEO of Lyte Aviation. With ten years’ experience in the green hydrogen and aviation sectors, Farzam’s new company fronts a distinctively conventional airframe design for 40 passengers, which will take off and land vertically like a helicopter.


But, unlike other next gen designs involving electric propulsion and heavy batteries, her project will be a tandem tiltwing design, with gearing allowing for forward flight and hover. This simplification means that, subject to funding, a full-scale prototype could be ready within two years.


Farzam will present her vision for a 40-seat, heavy h/eVTOL, dubbed Skybus in passenger configuration and Skytruck as a cargo variant with a 4.5 t payload capacity today, 23 March 2023, at the Helicopter Investor 2023 conference in Kensington. (cj)




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