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Marseille Fos opts for CCS Ci5

The port communities of Marseille Fos and Lyon, the French port’s hinterland, will launch the cargo community systems (CCS) Ci5 on 16 October. From that date on, Ci5 will be used to process the flow of goods to/from ships calling Marseille Fos.


Great commitment was needed to set up the CCS. MGI had to train more than 1,200 people in the ports of Marseille, Fos and Le Havre since 3 September.


The system is based on open source technologies and an evolutionary system which will be able to integrate innovations such as those resulting from big data, IoT, smart container, blockchain or artificial intelligence.


Jaap van den Hoogen, CEO of MGI, said that the team "started from scratch and consulted users throughout the development". Ci5 received a gold IT award at the IAPH International Conference in Bali in 2017. (kd)




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