• Photo: Madagascar Ground Handling (MGH)


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MGH renews RA3 certification

Madagascar Ground Handling (MGH) has renewed its certification for a period of two years as an ‘authorised agent for third countries’ (RA3) for the handling of freight for shipment to European Union member states.


This certification, now valid until 3 August 2025, comes after an on-site audit carried out on 27 and 28 August. It confirms that the supply chain of cargo transiting through Madagascar Ground Handling facilities to Europe is secure.


Since 1 July 2014, all cargo destined for, transiting through or circulating in the EU must be transported in an EU-validated supply chain. Since then, airlines transporting cargo have to be designated as third-country cargo airlines (ACC3), freight forwarders have to be qualified as authorised agents for third countries (RA3), and shippers have to have the ‘third country known shipper’ (KC3) certification. (cj) 


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